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Leah Sparkman

Creative Director/ Founder

Hi, I’m Leah (she/her/hers)! I am 21 years old from Portland, Oregon and I’m studying Ethnic Studies.

I wanted to create this digital community because Black women and femmes are never given the space to talk about topics such as feminism, pop culture, dating culture, etc. This holds especially true for Black womxn in our early 20s so Blk Womxn’s Collective was born, a space for every Black woman and femme, voiced by Gen Z.

favorite tv show: Westworld, Insecure, RHOBH, and Grace and Frankie
favorite author: Brittany Cooper and Audre Lorde
favorite genre: neo-soul, alternative r&b, megan thee stallion, and beyonce
turn ons: sarcasm and ability to banter 
turn offs: no conversations skills and ego

Meghan Adams


Hi, my name is Meghan (she, her, hers). I am a twenty year old college student from Los Angeles doing coursework about critical race and environmental justice.

Through my own self-growth and understanding of my identities, especially being a Black woman, I’ve longed to find and be a part of a community of young Black womxn to relate to, learn from, and grow with. The longing of this community is one of the guidning reasons to the creation of the Black Womxn’s collective. Being a part of the Blk Womxn’s Collective is a way for me to engage in a healing and restorative space created by and for all Black womxn. This community and space is meant to foster healing through learning about ourselves from texts that were made for us, Black womxn.

favorite TV Show: Right now, it’s Insecure 
favorite Author: Toni Morrison 
favorite genre: R&B/Pop & folk
turn ons: positivity, critical thinking, fun/funny/laughter 
turn offs: being disrespectful & close-minded

Haley Howard

Book Reviews + TV + Movies

My name is Haley Howard (she/her) and I’m from San Ramon, California. I’m a 21 year old college student attending Santa Clara University. I am biracial (Black and white) and excited to be contributing on this site!

I want to be a part of Blk Womxn’s Collective because I feel the urgency of reclaiming a space that the mainstream media has co-opted overtime. I want to create a place that cultivates learning in an accessible and non-academic setting.

favorite TV show:  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 
favorite authors: Maya Angelou, James Baldwin, and Audre Lorde
favorite music artists: 
Alicia Keys, Victoria Monét, and Mariah Carey. 
turn on:
turn off: insecurity

Gentile Montgomery

Book Reviews + TV + Op-Eds

Hi! I’m Chloe Gentile-Montgomery (she/her/hers) and I am a 21 year old Black woman from Santa Cruz, California. I am currently in my third year at Santa Clara University studying Ethnic Studies and Environmental Science. 
I want to be a part of Blk Womxn’s Collective because I feel like the every day opinion of Black women doesn’t get amplified in mainstream media. How often do we get to hear multiple Black women’s perspectives on topics that may not be directly related to race? How often do we get to hear a Black woman’s perspective at all? I want to be a part of something that encourages other Black women to speak up and know that their opinions are valued and I am grateful to be a part of this space. 

favorite tv show  *right now*: little fires everywhere, but I also lie some good ol’ trashy reality tv shows
favorite authors: Toni Morrison, Angela Davis, Safia Elhillo (poet) 
favorite genre: rap and r&b (and some pop here and there)
turn ons: When someone remembers some little thing I told them, when someone surprises me with food
turn offs: when people refuse to look into the other side of an argument, when people say they don’t like Beyonce 

Khiely Jackson

Readers + Book Reviews + Op Eds

Hi, I’m Khiely (she/her) and I am from the Bay Area. I am an Ethnic Studies student (Santa Clara University B.A, and San Francisco State M.A.) who is passionate about historical memory, anti-racism, and social justice revolutions.

Creating community and sisterhood among Black women is something I believe to be invaluable, especially as we often move through predominately white spaces that can leave us in isolation. I want to be a part of the Blk Womxn’s Collective because I believe the mission to amplify and center Black women’s voices creates a space for us to find connections -connections that can foster validation, inspiration, and growth.

favorite tv show: New Girl
favorite author: Saidiya Hartman, Toni Morrison, Nikki Giovanni favorite genre: r&b/soul, folk
turn ons:
vulnerability, introverts.
turn offs:
white fragility, arrogance

RHyann Robinson

Poetry + Op-Eds

I’m Rhyann! I’m a 23 year old Chicago girl moving to Boston soon for my PhD. Pronouns: she/her/hers 
The Blk Womxns Collective is by Black womxn folk and for Black womxn folk; that is why I wanted to be a part of this group. I appreciate the tools it seeks to give black womxn to succeed in a world that was not made for us to thrive in, and yet we choose to do so every day. 
favorite tv show: 90 Day Fiance 
favorite authors: Frantz Fanon, Savannah Shange, Joshua Bennett, and Toni Morrison.
favorite genre: I listen to a lot of early 2000s R&B (e.g. Ne-Yo and the like)
turn ons: Effortless conversation and laughter
turn off: willful ignorance

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