What makes Blk Womxn’s Collective different from other digital communities?
Blk Womxn’s Collective is a digital community for Black womxn (for us, by us) with the desire to promote sisterhood, understanding, and information. This occurs through readers with topics and books about Black womxn by Black womxn and commentary on: mainstream media and pop culture, news, op-eds, book reviews, and poetry. Blk Womxn’s Collective is an alternative medium voiced by Gen-Z Black womxn, but it’s for every womxn wanting to be in a space created for them. 

How can I get involved with Blk Womxn’s Collective or apply to be a contributor?
If you’d like to work with us, applications and roles will be listed here. We will be setting up submissions soon for people who have something to contribute.
Is there compensation for contributing?
This is a volunteer-run digital community, and it’s because of the passionate Black womxn that we are able to keep it going!

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