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Blk Womxn’s Collective’s mission is to provide non-academic context and analysis from Black women and femmes perspective’s on pop culture, books, and mainstream media. 

So often Black women and femmes are left out of the conversation on feminism, pop culture, life, relationships, politics, science, health etc. The Blk Womxn’s Collective seeks to allow Black women and femmes to take back the conversation on how we are seen, how we want to be seen, the spaces we occupy, and the spaces we want to occupy. Our voices will not go unheard anymore. At The Blk Womxn’s Collective we want to provide the tools for Black women and femmes to engage with and reflect on content that promotes activism and pushes for radical change. 

Blk Womxn’s Collective looks at literature and pop culture through a scope that takes into account the historical representation of race, gender, and sexuality. Media has always reflected Black women as tropes whether it be the angry or sassy Black woman, the mammy, the jezebel, and the strong Black woman. With this platform we are transforming those narratives to show Black women and femmes who represent various experiences that are nuanced and aren’t reflective of mainstream media. This is the Black Feminist response to every space we are excluded from.


– Leah, Creator of Blk Womxn’s Collective

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